Diana Moore


Welcome to Secretly Chat, a blog that is based on reviews and information regarding the topic women most “secretly chat” about:

  • their beauty
  • breast enhancement
  • health related topics focused on women
  • breast surgery facts
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  • and more.

The Author: Diana Moore

Diana Moore is the author behind Secretly Chat, an ordinary woman just like you, hoping to deliver an online resource that is helpful for all women who want to look their best.

She loves writing and reading relevant information, especially about beauty, so you know that every article on here is personally tended to by Diana.

From the beginning, Diana has been passionate about learning and increasing her knowledge on women beauty. She loves sharing this information on to others so that they may benefit from it as well. She centers her blog on the fact that “women best understand women” – so that is what Secretly Chat delivers: vital information from one woman to many others.

Your Beauty & Health as per Diana’s Perspective

As a woman, Diana understands that all women love looking their very best. There’s nothing shallow or materialistic about it – it’s a natural thing for all of us. Many women consider breast implant surgery or breast augmentation, which Diana believes is their personal right. Supporting all these women, Diana hopes to make Secretly Chat the main online blog for equipping them with the right information so that they may not be misled in any way.

At the end of the day, remember that whilst working on your beauty is not a bad thing but it should not compromise on your health. Your health always comes first – this is why all articles based here are solutions and helpful information that keep your health as a first priority. They have been derived from real, authentic information and the product reviews are based on first-hand experience, tried by Diana herself or her friends. She believes using the right products, trying tested techniques, and going for the best decisions will ensure that your health stays intact and your beauty goals are accomplished as well!

Secretly Chat is just as personal and in your best interests as a friend would be – and Diana Moore considers herself to be the friend of all her readers. Dedicating herself to bringing to you the right information, she as an author and your friend is a woman you can trust. Help yourself to any or all information provided on this blog – enjoy!